Bootstrapping data

These commands help us import data from the Associated Press, U.S. Census and other sources used to build context and other data sources.

If bootstrapping from scratch, they should be run in the order below.

bootstrap_geography = 'Downloads and bootstraps geographic data for states and counties from the U.S. Census Bureau simplified cartographic boundary files'

bootstrap_fed = 'Loads basic structure of the federal governement. Must be run AFTER bootstrap_geography command.'

bootstrap_jurisdictions = 'Loads federal and state jurisdictions. Must be run AFTER thebootstrap_geography command.'

bootstrap_census = 'After modeling your desired census tables and estimates in Django, this command will bootstrap estimates from the Census API and then create and upload state-level JSON files to S3.'

bootstrap_election = 'Bootstraps election meta models for all elections on an election date.'

bootstrap_content = 'Bootstraps page content items for pages for all elections on an election day. Must be run AFTER bootstrap_election command.'

bootstrap_results_db = 'Ingests master results JSON file from Elex and updates the results models in Django.'

bootstrap_results_elex = 'Creates config files used by our bash process to bake out election results from Elex and the AP.'

bootstrap_historical_election = 'This is some ugly code that bootstraps previous presidential election results from some junky data at openelections.'