The Front End

Front-end applications are built in this repo using generator-politico-django in theshow/staticapp.

Front-end Models

We let the client resolve the relationships between our slim results data and the context of any campaigns, passing only the keys needed to deserialize results.json and context.json.

To ensure we’re reliably setting and querying relationships between our data, we use a front-end ORM. We also centralize in model methods all the logic needed to resolve any overrides of AP data we set in the backend and pass clean data to all our front-end components.

Model files for the front-end are in theshow/staticapp/src/js/common/models/ and include models for:

  • Division
  • Office
  • Election
  • Party
  • Candidate
  • AP election status
  • AP results
  • Override results from our backend

See redux-orm for details on interacting with models.

Each model contains a serialize() method except Election, which contains a serializeResults(divisions) method that serializes results for an election in the given division(s) and handles all AP overrides. Most dataviz components consume the serialized results returned from an Election model.

Serialized results

Election’s serialize results method returns a data structure that all of our dataviz components use.

serialized results
  id: <Election UID>,
  status: {
      called: <APMeta called>,
      tabulated: <APMeta tabulated>,
      overrideApCall: <APMeta override AP call>,
      overrideApVotes: <APMeta override AP votes>,
  office: { /* ... */ },
  divisions: {
    <Division ID>: {
      code: <Division code>,
      codeComponents: { /* ... */ },
      id: <Division ID>,
      label: <Division label>,
      level: <Division level>,
      parent: <Division parent>,
      postalCode: <Division postal code>,
      precinctsReporting: precinctsReporting,
      precinctsReportingPct: precinctsReportingPct,
      precinctsTotal: precinctsTotal,
      results: [
          candidate: { /* ... */ }
          voteCount: voteCount,
          votePct: votePct,
          winner: winner,
        /* ... */
      shortLabel: <Division short label>
      topojson: { /* ... */}

Static files

JS, CSS and images are shared across page types. We bake them out to static paths we can reference absolutely in our baked pages suffixed with a random hash.

/election-results/cdn/{election day}/{js|css|images}/{filename}-{hash}.{ext}

See bake_statics.